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Evan's Survey

Evan- please rank the following activities from strongly agree to strongly disagree! "Strongly Agree" means- "that sounds amazing-Hell Yes". "Strongly Disagree" means "maybe some other day- like in another lifetime";)
SUP in calm waters
Playing w/boogie boards
Bouldering/rock climbing
Walking around naked on a beach
Getting a massage with tiny Thai people walking on your back
Getting a massage with a happy ending but no tiny Thai people
Getting professionally stretched
Going dancing at a club in LA
Watching a comedy club show
Sitting on a rooftop bar drinking bourbon
Me straddling you on a rooftop- while you are drinking bourbon
Sleeping in 110 degree heat;)
Sleeping in a 45 degree room;)
Breaking into a rooftop hotel and going swimming
Sleeping in past 7 am
Skinny dipping
Making a low carb dinner w/ Sarah Lynn
Taking a hop hop class
Learning pole dancing skillz from a man named Fabio
Eating 7 glazed donuts in one sitting
Eating Shabu Shabu (look it up)
Being on a boat
Naked napping
Taking a salsa class
Drinking coffee on a deck without your clothes on
Drinking coffee on a beach with your clothes on
Wrestling Sarah Lynn
Seeing a Pacific sunset
Seeing a Pacific sunrise