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Jessica Ortega

Jessica changes her lifestyle and has kept the weight off for over 2 years!

Jessica changes her lifestyle and has kept the weight off for over 2 years!


I was 186.6 pounds when I approached Fit-Fax in 2016. My goal was to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle. Sarah Lynn was amazing. She was my godmother, my superhero, and she was always there to inspire me.

What really struck a cord with me was when Sarah Lynn asked me what kind of student I was at school. I told her I was an A student. She made me realize I have always had the drive to achieve whatever I wanted, and I applied my A student mentality to my new goals for my health. In two months, I lost 30 pounds!

I have lost 50 pounds since starting with Fit-Fax and I have kept it off ever since. The amazing thing was I lost all that weight without fasting, going on some crazy or painful diet, and most importantly, without giving up El Salvadorian food. Sarah Lynn was so sensitive about my cultural background and made sure to incorporate my cultural foods into my nutritional plan.

I am now more energetic, more positive, and most importantly I am so much more confident. I am so excited about joining the Fit-Fax team as a coach in the near future, to inspire and share what I have learnt with others, especially with those of Hispanic background.

The picture above is someone Jessica no longer recognizes…