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1003 Diamond Ave
South Pasadena, CA, 91030
United States


Wellness Coaching

Body Composition Testing

Many of us rely on the scale to determine how “successful” we are in changing our health, but the scale only tells part of the story. Many women and men can dramatically transform their body composition without seeing the scale move. Others can increase their weight and IMPROVE their body composition. Knowing what you are made of allows you to track real change!

Using research-grade body composition testing, we illustrate how much fat, muscle, water, and bone is in your body. The DSM-BIA technology we utilize has excellent correlation with DEXA (the gold standard of body composition testing). Here is one research study that shows excellent correlation: 

Understanding your body composition is the first step in creating a wellness plan.


Fit-Fax Body Composition Exam/Wellness Consultation (30 minutes)

In a 30-minute session, we provide you with an Inbody 570 body composition exam and a thorough explanation of results. We also teach you how your body analytics inform your nutritional needs. For example, your protein needs are based on the amount of lean mass in your body; and your BMR approximates how many calories your body needs at rest. You will leave the office with the following:

*Inbody 570 results sheet

*Caloric goal based on BMR and activity

*Macronutrient ratios based on body type

*2-3 customized nutrition/wellness goals

Cost: $59

Fit-Fax Plus: Body Comp Exam/Wellness Consultation PLUS Personalized Nutrition Plan (60 minutes) 

In a 60-minute session, we discuss your lifestyle, food value, and health history; assess your body composition; and create a nutrition/wellness plan based on your health/fitness goals. A customized meal plan, Trader Joes shopping list, nutrient timing schedule, and restaurant guide are included. We encourage our clients to set-up a weekly or bi-monthly check-ins to create accountability and provide feedback. 

Cost: $235

Fit-Fax Body Composition Inbody 570 Retest (15 minutes)

This option is for returning clients only. In addition to the Inbody 570 scan, we will compare your results with your previous exam and offer 1-2 "tweaks" to your wellness plan or lifestyle.

Cost: $29



1003 Diamond Ave. South Pasadena, CA 90310 • (626) 603-3028