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We are proud of the work we've done across southern California to help motivate and encourage health and wellness in our communities. Please take a look at our Yelp reviews to look at our diverse client roster.


“As a competitive athlete, I am always seeking an extra edge. Fit-Fax has not only provided me with body composition data, they have helped me interpret my data to make better decisions about my eating behaviors. Their guidelines and suggestions have been crucial in my path of getting leaner, faster and healthier. Thanks Fit-Fax. Thanks Sarah." 

Dario Ruiz - Gym Owner / Crossfit Pendulum

"If you're not measuring, you can't know if you're winning." As a spin studio owner, competitive endurance athlete, personal trainer, and professional cycling coach, Fit-Fax and Sarah Lynn are like my right hand. Sarah's body composition testing and nutritional coaching services are indispensable to how I coach my athletes and clients. People who train with me know that Sarah Lynn--the ultimate "sensitive scientist"--is a core part of their fitness support team.

- Bryan Yates / Owner Pedal Spin Studio and Locomotiv Performance Coaching  

I've met with nutritionalists before, but what sets Sarah apart is the fact that she is an endurance athlete herself and knows what our needs are. 
After two months of being on Sarah's program, I've dropped by body fat by 4.6%, increased lean Body Mass by 1.8 lbs and have won my age group in my last two Xterra trail races, including a 5 minute PR at a hilly Boney Mt course.     

- David Tien- Client Pasadena Tri Club

" I’m excited for the rest of the gym to start using your services, as I’m always telling people to stop measuring their progress by just their scales!"        

Christy Black- Client / NERDFit

"While writing the testimonial for you I realized there was something more I wanted to share with you, and to say thank you.

I realized how right you were about this journey being more psychological than physical for me. In the week following my initial meeting with you, I had several moments of clarity that have really changed the way I see myself.

The first one occurred when I realized how little I was eating before I came to FitFax. It shocked me that I was barely giving my body anything to live off of. Your advice to “be nice to yourself” resonated with me and I realized that I have never been nice to myself. I’ve never given myself permission to eat. Eating had always been a reason for guilt, as opposed to necessary fuel for my body. By educating me on how this was harming my body, you gave me permission to eat. The permission that I had never been able to give myself. And this changed everything.

From then on, it became easier to follow your recommendations. I ate 1,600 calories because I had permission from someone knowledgeable to do so. And because I trusted your expertise. I spent less time focused on what I looked like and spent more time focused on giving my body food because I finally understood that was something it NEEDED.

I’ve realized that you were right about my having a skewed image of myself. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt fat and overweight and when I’ve said it aloud, the people around me just looked at me like I was crazy. They’d reply with a simple “Are you serious? You’re not fat” and move on. And I always wondered, “then why do I feel like I am? Why do I think I am when I look at myself in the mirror?” It’s like weighing yourself on a scale that’s broken. My view/opinion of myself is not reliable. And realizing this has been monumental.

This journey so far has taken me a different direction than I expected. Instead of using the information you gave me to change myself to fit my own “perfect” image, I used it to change my definition of perfect. I told you today that even if I had seen no change in my body composition, I would have still continued following your recommendations, and I meant that. Instead of striving to be thinner or better looking I have found myself striving to be someone who has adequate nutrition, energy, strength, and motivation to live a healthy life. I know this is just the beginning of a great journey, but I’m happy to be starting off on the right foot thanks to you. Anyway I just wanted you to know what a big difference this has made in my life and that I am truly so very grateful."  Anonymous Client


"I met Sarah at Trader Joes. Someone at the store was asking her about her program.  She's looked fit, happy and had such positive energy. I felt comfortable going up to her and asking her about her program.  I'm 44 yrs old.  I've tried every diet/program there is: Lindora, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, OA, multiple nutritionists, online diets, cabbage soup diet, juicing detox diet, etc...  With Sarah, I've lost 20lbs and have maintained my weight for months.  Sarah is so motivating and non-judgmental. 

I haven't reached my goal but my relationship with food and my body has dramatically improved.  No matter what the results, I always leave her office feeling motivated and empowered.  I don't see it as a diet—it is a lifestyle chance that I'm enjoying." Lorena