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Our Team

Our Team

Sarah Lynn Baird - Owner / Wellness Engineer

Sarah Lynn has a B.S. in Biosystem Engineering and an M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies and has worked as a fitness instructor, motivator, and wellness coach for over 15 years. She is also a certified Precision Nutrition coach who is extremely passionate about helping clients improve their quality of life through nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. She is currently pursuing a PHD in functional medicine.

Sarah Lynn has worked with a variety of clients struggling with metabolic disease, IBS, hypothyroid, autoimmune issues, injury/healing, depression, etc. She works closely with physicians, psychologists, and holistic practitioners to support clients in their wellness initiatives.

Sarah Lynn is well versed in ketogenic therapies, Low FOD MAP nutrition, mindful eating techniques, and sport specific nutrition. 

Sarah Lynn is a mother of two boys, a closet entomologist, and a competitive endurance athlete who enjoys running trails, swimming, biking, rock climbing, and lifting heavy objects with a changing center of mass!


Karen Hames - Wellness Engineer

Karen Hames is a Precision Nutrition student with a keen interest in helping people sustain positive lifestyle habits.  She is also a logician with degrees in philosophy, math, and physics, which makes her an innate researcher!

 After growing up obese, reaching 275 lbs at age 12, she took her health into her own hands and began experimenting, researching and learning the science and psychology behind nutrition and wellness. She understands first hand that lifestyle change is not always enough if you have metabolic disease. Five years after embarking on her nutritional quest, Karen is 80 pounds lighter, healthier than ever, and ready to share her knowledge.

Karen specializes in ketogenic/LCHF lifestyles but does not champion this strategy for everyone.  She approaches each client as an individual and is committed to helping coach her clients to success.

Given Karen has walked the road of radical transformation, she offers a unique and profound contribution to our team.